The national Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria shall develop the technologies required by the chemicals industry and shall;

1. Undertake research and development work into

2. Processes for the conversion of agricultural, mineral and other new materials into chemicals

3. The derivation of secondary chemicals from petrochemicals, coal chemicals, etc

4. The production of functional polymers and engineering plastics, their characterization and utilization

5. The processing of natural and man-made fibers

6. Establish and operate a chemicals testing laboratory

7. Provide environmental monitoring and control services with respect to chemicals, textiles and plastics

8. Design, develop and produce chemical industry machinery and equipment

9. Transfer chemical industry machinery reduction technologies to private sector industries and render consultancy and extension services to such and other industries

10. Collaborate with higher institutions, government agencies, corporate bodies and international organizations in the execution of its programmes and projects

11. Accept on its own terms, trainees for practical work attachment in its work and

12. Undertake any other activities in connection with all or any of its functions.