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Who We Are

NARICT CONSULT LIMITED is a consultancy firm that has built a team of professionals in the area of business/entrepreneurial management, chemical technology and scientific innovation research and development in the processing and conversion of indigenous raw-materials into valuable chemical and petrochemical products. We market technology of NARICT to the end users: entrepreneurs, industrialist individual and government institutions.

The firm provides affordable and value addition services to its teaming customers. Our services consist of environmental management consultancy, technology tests and laboratory production of renewable materials.

Our Management Team

Our team is made up of renowned professors, researchers, management and financial experts who offer advisory services, technology tests and laboratory production services to customers. The firm is run and managed by the team of professionals as follows:

Board of Directors

1) Chief Consultant/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

2) Executive Director (Finance & Accounts)

3) Executive Director (Administration & Personnel)

4) Executive Director (Operations)


Marketing competitive affordable value added NARICT products and services to the end users (entrepreneurs, industrialists and government) for building self reliant sustainable developed economy and for overall technological advancement of Nigeria.


To provide an efficient, effective competitive globally recognized environmentally friendly technologies and other offerings capable of adding value to our customers and others stakeholders at profit.

CONSULT Business Co-Values

• Customer’s need first followed by others and he is always right.

• Collaborating with the stakeholders and Local Communities in achieving common objectives

• Staff capacity enhancement through continuous education and training.

• Implementing zero-harm to environment and community strategies in our operations

• Operating profitable business in a safe and environmentally friendly business.

• Ensuring Employees Safety at all times to achieve a zero accident level


 NARICT Security Services

 NARICT Academy

 NARICT Cleaning Services

 NARICT Table Water

 NARICT Fertilizer

 NARICT Detergent

 NARICT Football

 NARICT Hydrated Lime

 NARICT Neem Products

 NARICT Analytical Services

 NARICT Castor Oil

 NARICT Jathropha

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To become a Research Institute of International repute in the provision of innovative and cutting-edge Research and Development (R & D) in the processing and conversion of indigenous raw materials into valuable Chemicals and Petrochemicals industrial applications.


To attain international expertise in Chemicals related Environmental Interventions, Petrochemicals, Chemical Analysis, Chemical process Design, modeling and simulation, Engineering Fabrications and Design, Chemical Analytical instrumentation and quality control.


The National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria shall develop the technologies required by the chemicals industry and shall;


T National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria shall develop the technologies required by the chemicals industry and shall;