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In line with its stated vision, mission, mandates and functions, the National Research Institute for Chemical Technology is poised to continue to chart the course of technology development of the nation and to continue to deliver services in the under listed general areas;



1. School reagents

2. Essential oils

3. Ethanol

4. Bleaching earth

5. Essential oils

6. Dyestuffs and pigments

7. Foot balls

8. Neem oils

9. Detergents

10. Organic fertilizer

11. Biodiesel

12. Tomato paste

13. Hydrated Lime

14. Bio-fertilizer

15. Moringa Lipton Tea

16. Moringa Seed

17. Jatropha Seed


Laboratory Service Unit:

NARICT: Provides chemical analysis and chemical testing services to clients using standard modern analytical laboratories. NARICT, chemical labs measure unknowns, trace-level chemicals, identify trace-contamination and unknowns, quality problems, identify root cause quality issues, screen raw materials, characterize trace impurities, chemical compounds and more.

Equipment available in Laboratory Unit:


2. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

3. Digital elemental analyzer

4. Total nitrogen and phosphorous analyzer

5. Total organic carbon analyzer

6. Spectrofluorometer

7. XRD, XRF scanning microscope>

8. Latroscan TLC-FID System

9. Micro plate reader

10. Hardness tester

11. Polymer melt flow indexer

12. Gas chromatography

13. Fixed bed micro activity reactor

14. BET surface area

15. Nitrogen generator

16. Light fastness testing equipment

17. Flash point

18. Kinematic viscosity analyzer

19. Sulphur in oil analyzer

20. Automatic cloud and pour point finalyzer

21. Flour densitometer TLC

22. Light fastness testing equipment

23. Ammonia analyzer etc.

Fabrication Engineering Services

NARICT: Fabrication engineering division engages in cutting, shaping, machining and welding to form excellent final products. We house the latest CNC machine for precision production. The division has so far fabricated castor seed processing plant, tomato paste processing plant, essential oil plant and several others.

Industrial Production Processes

NARICT:- Has developed small and medium scale industrial scale industrial units for the production of viable products from its research outputs. Prominent among these include: tomato paste production, biodiesel, bio-fertilizer, neem based organic fertilizer, moringa bio products for water treatment, detergent, FIFA grade footballs, essential oils etc. All these can be put to commercial production.

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To become a Research Institute of International repute in the provision of innovative and cutting-edge Research and Development (R & D) in the processing and conversion of indigenous raw materials into valuable Chemicals and Petrochemicals industrial applications.


To attain international expertise in Chemicals related Environmental Interventions, Petrochemicals, Chemical Analysis, Chemical process Design, modeling and simulation, Engineering Fabrications and Design, Chemical Analytical instrumentation and quality control.


The National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria shall develop the technologies required by the chemicals industry and shall;


T National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria shall develop the technologies required by the chemicals industry and shall;