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The National Research Institute For chemical Technology (NARICT) Library is a special Library Serving special users. The Library is situated at the Institute head quarter Basawa Zaria. The Library serves as the information center of the institute.
Its aims and objectives is to meet the information needs of the parent organization in the area of science and Technology. Its Impact is felt in terms of the quality and quantity of information resources at the disposal, to aid Research and Development (R&D) and to per suit Educational pursuit of Staff, Researchers and students. This is made available through organized collection of information resources for easy retrieval system to the Library materials.


  1. The Library Solicits for tittle from the various institute departments and users to ensure proper selection and acquisition of these materials.
  2. Provide selected, acquired books and Journal (print and Non — print) materials that are relevant to the Research and mandate of the Institute
  3. Provide Selected Dissemination of information (SDI) for the use of its patrons.
  4. It provide Indexing and Abstracting Services for The Library User.
  5. It maintain an effective inter Library Co-operation with Libraries within and out Zaria. This facilitate accessibility of materials not available in the Institute Library for the use of our patrons.
  6. It arranges for exchange of publications between the Institute and other organizations, both National and International.
  7. The Library provides Current National and International Information through the provision of National duties (Newspapers and Magazines) .
  8. Provision of Photocopying Services
  9. Milk

Institute E-library:

The e-library section of the Institute maintain the database of the library holdings for effective dissemination of information. This is connected to the internet for E- books and E- journals and other materials in need. This is called VIRTUAL LIBRARY. COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAMME: The Institute computer Training programme provide three Month training on computer application Course, Certificate programmer, which run twice or three time a year for Staff, the community and its environs. At an affordable fees, compare to other Computer training schools / center within Zaria, with qualified trained resource persons. In this regard, the Institute has trained about two thousand (NARICT) staff and people within Zaria. This is to create an increase in computer awareness and to encourage computer literacy among the community. This is to bring into our midst the knowledge of the new era of Information Communication Technology (ICT).