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The department coordinates Research and Development (R&D) activities, consultancy and technology transfer services to entrepreneurs and cascades all NARICT developed technologies to end users in all the six Geo-Political zones of Nigeria through the Outstations and Entrepreneurship Centers.

These Outstations and Entrepreneurship Centers are windows through which NARICT is made visible and they are spread all over the zones of Nigeria as follows:

The functions of the Outstation:

  1. To market the technologies of NARICT to the end users, entrepreneurs and intending entrepreneurs, industrialists, governments and government agencies, tertiary institutions, individuals and the general public.
  2. Collaborate with theses governments, industries, tertiary institutions like Universities and Polytechnics, Commodity Associations, Cooperative Societies and leaders of the society in training students and any other individuals and youths on entrepreneurship skills based on NARICT technologies.
  3. We render consultancy services to existing industries with the aim of helping them improve on their method of operation to a standard method of operation, particularly in the areas of environmental impact assessment of the effluents discharged from their industries. We proffer remediation and join with other environmental control agencies to monitor, control and enforce the remediation.
  4. We also collaborate with industries in the areas of upgrading of their industries in terms of providing new machineries and analysis of their products for improvement and registration with NAFDAC and other regulating agencies.
  5. We assist desiring entrepreneurs in setting up their enterprises or industries, providing them with the technologies and equipment.
  6. We work with the local Cooperative Societies and Commodity Associations in developing products through research, that will help them improve on their products, which may be a peculiar problem or a national problem such as improvement on made in Nigeria goods.
  7. We establish production units in the entrepreneurship centres which produce some of the NARICT products such as Liquid Detergents, Footballs, essential oils etc and sell same for revenue generation.
  8. Our latest application in the management of each of the geo-political zones is for the department to identify natural or industrial resources abundant in each zone where they have a comparative and competitive advantage over others to develop it as a flagship in that zone.
  9. The Department here at the head office carries out general administration of the Outstations and Entrepreneurship Centres, monitors and controls the activities and draws up programmes for them and follows up the implementation. The department mentors and retrains the management of the Outstations and EDCs and uses “sticks” and “carrots” where the need arises.
  10. The department reports to the DG/CEO for any other assignment.