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Science education is vital to the technological and industrial advancement of any people. Learning enhanced with practical classes where students are taught to perform experiments based on the theories they are taught. In recent times however, this vital aspect of science education is largely hampered by non or near non-availability of science laboratory equipment in secondary schools.
Worse still, adulterated and expired chemicals and reagents sometimes find their way into the market, leading to unreliable results during experiments, poor performance and eventually loss of interest in science.
In a move to correct this worrisome trend, in 1997, the National Council on Science and Technology (NCST) mandated the National Research Institute for Chemical Technology (NARICT) and Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) to develop a programme for the local production of chemicals and reagents for secondary schools in Nigeria.
NARICT has also developed a locally fabricated unit useful in the production of distilled water. Some of the units have been supplied to secondary schools across the country and even battery chargers patronize it.
The institute organizes periodic training, workshops for science teachers across the country. Science practical classes (using NARICT facilities) are also periodically packaged for chemistry and physics students of Senior Secondary Schools (SS1—SS3) at moderate fees. This is intended to familiarize the students with laboratory workings and to enhance their performance in their final examination. Teachers in this programme are WAEC and NECO accredited examiners. We have conducted training for Kano, Katsina, Niger, Bauchi, Anambra and Kaduna states.

Chemical Products

Chemical Products


These are mainly Chemicals, Reagents and Distilled Water.


Most of the chemicals are available locally. Reagents can be produced by NARICT and some chemical companies. Distillation units can be fabricated by NARICT at a moderate fee.
NARICT's distillation unit is unique, handy and very easy to install and operate. It can be operated by kerosene in places where electricity and gas are not available. Water from the stream or well could be used where there is no access to tap water.

Chemical Products

Chemical Products


This is obtained through training workshops organized by NARICT for science teachers and students.


A list of equipment vendors will be supplied during training.


The main users of school chemicals and reagents are ministries of education, secondary schools and tertiary institutions.