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Renewable Energy Technology

NARICT has developed the process technologies for Biodiesel Production from Jatropha, Production of Furfural from corn cobs and Deodorization of Dual-Purpose Kerosene (DPK).

Biofuel Vehicle



The essence of this project is to search for a viable alternative to hydrocarbon-based fuel. In the face of global warming, there is need for fuel that contributes towards a sustainable environment. NARICT has successfully produced biodiesel from Jatropha seeds.

Importance of Bio-fuels

No emission of sulphur - containing compounds.
Do not cause a lasting damage to the environment.
Reduce emission of greenhouse gases.




Furfural production is a Waste - to - Wealth Project undertaken by NARICT. It is obtained by hydrolysing hemi-cellulosic materials in corn cobs - an agricultural waste.
USES Furfural is used in the petroleum industry to remove colour, improve stability and increase the viscosity index of lube oil.
It also removes odour from Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) and thus makes DPK a cheap solvent for application in varnishes, aerosol and paint industries.


  • Production of Furfural and Its Application in Deodorization of Kerosene.
  • Establishment of pilot plants for both functional extraction and deodorization of kerosene.
  • Technology transfer to entrepreneurs
  • Abundant locally available raw material
  • Conversion of waste to wealth