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Project Description Rocket Propellants are mixtures of chemical compounds that, when ignited, produce large volumes of high temperature gas at controlled, predetermined rates. They sustain combustion in the absence of atmospheric oxygen and are used in launching projectiles from guns. rockets and missiles. Nitrocellulose provides mechanical strength as well as readily available energy to gun and rocket propellants.



Nitro-cellulose-Based Propellants are used in:

  • Gunpowder for small-calibre Ammunition
  • Single, Double and Triple-Based Ammunition Propellants.
  • Double-Based Rocket Propellants.
  • Objectives

  • Produce rocket propellants from locally available raw materials.
  • Enhance advanced technology acquisition and development in Space Science
  • Assist the Military to achieve their objectives. v. Save foreign exchange for the country.
  • Equipment


    Research Interests

    These include specific Areas in the:
  • Stabilization of nitrocellulose-based propellants
  • Development of energetic plasticisers for nitrocellulose in double-based rocket propellants
  • Development of energetic plasticisers for nitrocellulose in triple-based rocket propellants
  • Development of Ballistic modifiers
  • Development of suitable additives such as burn rate modifiers, non-energetic plasticizers, flame suppressants etc.